Sidindiel Aurovoron

Mysterious & Competitive Monk


She has short metallic silver and blonde hair that is shaved on one side and braided on the other. She favors bright yellows and bold oranges in her clothing which lean towards airy cottons and breathable fabrics.


She is the cousin of Aetheil Shining Star. They were rival competitors in their families competitions.

She’s elegant, cheerful, innocent and patient. But there’s more than this to somebody with her position.

She was born in a loving family in a major city. She lived out of trouble until she was about 16 years old, but at that point things began to change.

She started to experience the world and was about to meet ‘Mr. Right’. Alongside trusted friends, she is trying to help others in a fast world. But with her talents and persistence, there’s nothing to stop her from finding a way to the top. She could quickly become an unstoppable force.

Despite all this success, she is currently searching for a higher purpose. She feels like there’s more than we know in this world. Luckily she has wise teachers and great friends to support her.

Sidindiel Aurovoron

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